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International Students and Scholars

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Apply for Work Permit

If you plan on working on campus (including GTA & GRA employment), sign up for your OSU work permit session at:


Work Permit Sign-up


Upcoming Session Schedule

Session Date Session Time
01/05/2024 1:30 P.M.
01/10/2024 1:30 P.M.

Social Security Number

Everyone who works in the U.S. must obtain a Social Security Number (SSN). This is a government issued number. The ISS Office helps to facilitate the process, but we DO NOT issue the number. The application process will be explained fully during the work permit session. Please note that:
  1. You should wait at least 24 hours after you have checked in with the ISS Office after your arrival in the U.S. before applying for a Social Security Number.
  2. You must have a job offer BEFORE you apply for a Social Security Number. 
  3. The following documents must be taken to SSA for the SSN application:
    1. Employment letter as described below in step 6 
    2. Valid Passport
    3. Form I-94
    4. Form I-20 if F-1 or DS-2019 if J-1 (A non-student exchange visitor in J-1 status does not need the employment letter.)
  • Step 1: Check in with ISS

    Check in with the Office of International Students and Scholars when you arrive on campus. You must complete the ISS registration and your SEVIS record must be validated. During the check-in process, you will be given the schedule to sign up for a Work Permit Session.

  • Step 2: Attend a Work permit session

    Attend a Work Permit Session. Sign-Up Here

    During the work permit session, you will receive instructions and guidance on how to apply for a work permit and apply for a Social Security card (SSN). Your work permit application will be processed within 3 business days after submission.
    If you are not able to sign-up for a work permit session, you can reach out to the ISS Office to request for a work permit.

  • Step 3: Find an on-campus job

    Find an on-campus job. Graduate Teaching Assistant and Graduate Research Assistant positions are considered on-campus employment.

  • Step 4: Submit approved Work Permit to employer

    After your work permit has been approved, you should receive your work permit via email. Please submit the approved work permit to your employer.

  • Step 5: Obtain the Employment Letter from your employer

    Obtain the Employment Letter from your employer with an original signature. The employment letter must be printed on the department letterhead. Bring the original letter and your I-20 to the ISS Office have the letter endorsed by one of our Designated School Officials (DSO). 

    A template of the employment letter is available HERE.

  • Step 6: Apply for Social Security Number (SSN)

    To prevent processing delays due to verification issues, it is recommended that you apply for a Social Security card at the Social Security Administration (SSA) 10 days after your arrival in the U.S. The following documents must be taken to SSA:

    a.    Employment letter as described above
    b.    Passport
    c.     I-94
    d.    I-20 if F-1 or DS-2019 if J-1 (A non-student exchange visitor in J-1 status does not need the employment letter.)

  • Step 7: Wait for Social Security Card  

    Students will normally receive the SSN card within 1 - 2 weeks of submitting their SSN application. The ISS office will notify you by email when your SSN is available for pick-up at the ISS office. The SSN number will not be given over the phone, nor may it be picked up by you at the SSA office.
    During peak times at the beginning of each semester, a representative of OSU may go to the SSA office periodically to pick up your SSN if you have given permission during the application process. This will be explained in detail during the Work Permit Sessions

  • Step 8: Update Social Security Card with the Registrar's Office

    Fill out the SSN Update Form to update your Social Security Number at the Registrar's Office.


    The Office of the Registrar will need a photo/scan of two different forms of photo ID to process this form. You can submit everything electronically via email to or via their Secure Upload Portal in Self Service (To get to the Secure Upload Portal, go to and log in. Once you log in, go to ‘Self Service’, then click on the ‘Student’ tab near the top of the page, and under ‘Student Records’ you’ll see the Secure Upload Portal link).

  • Step 9: Update Social Security Card with employer
    Provide the Social Security card to your employer to complete the New Hire process.
  • Step 10: Update Social Security Number in Glacier

    When you receive your SSN, please update your Glacier record with your Social Security Number at .

    If you are eligible for a tax treaty, and you wish to take advantage of that benefit, you may submit the tax treaty documents to Tax & Compliance Services (T&C). T&C will review the information available to determine if criteria have been met that allow OSU to facilitate the tax treaty for you.



Employment opportunities for international students are limited by Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) and are available only to students who have maintained their immigration status and academic standing. International students at OSU must receive proper approval from ISS before beginning any type of work.


On Campus Working

  • Part-time student employee

Post Degree Working

  • OPT

Social Security Office Information

Address: 406 E Hall of Fame Ave, Stillwater, OK 74075
Phone:    (888) 366-6143
TTY:        1-800-325-0778
Social Security Card Application
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