Stillwater Information

Welcome to Stillwater!

Oklahoma State University is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. With a population of roughly 42,000 citizens, Stillwater has a unique combination of big city amenities and small town charm. Stillwater is home to museums, theaters, art galleries, parks, golf courses, walking trails, bike trails, and 5 lakes. Stillwater has over 100 restaurants and a variety of lodging and shopping choices available.

Where is stillwater?

Geographically, Stillwater is located in Oklahoma, a state in the south central part of the U.S. Stillwater is located in the north central part of the state and is very near the two largest cities in the state. Stillwater is approximately 65 miles west of Tulsa, Oklahoma and 65 miles north of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Because of Stillwater’s central location, both Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City and Tulsa International Airport are equally accessible. All major airlines operate from both airports. There are multiple options for travel to Stillwater from either airport.

what is the climate like in stillwater?

Since Oklahoma is in the Temperate Zone, you should come prepared for variable weather. The temperature frequently drops to 20F (-7C) during the winter and rises to as high as 110F (43C) during the summer. With this great temperature range, students need a wardrobe for both seasons. You will need warm clothes (including a heavy coat) for the winter season (November to February) and lighter clothes for the summer (June to September). You may wish to wait to buy winter clothing when you get here.

Some students enjoy having their national dress to wear to certain campus events and international celebrations. American students dress informally for classes and most social occasions. Men will need a suit or jacket and slacks and women will need a nice dress or two for social occasions.

What is life like in Stillwater?

Stillwater is home to a variety of attractions and activities. Visit the Convention and Visitor's Bureau for more information on Stillwater's attractions.

For more information on the quality of life in Stillwater, visit the Chamber of Commerce.


A variety of housing options are available to students both on and off-campus. Undergraduate Freshmen are required to live in residence halls unless they are married, age 21 or older, or have completed 27 credit hours. All other students may live either on-campus or off-campus. Go to On-Campus Housing or Off-Campus Housing for more information.

How do I travel once I arrive in Stillwater?

Once you arrive in Stillwater, you will be able to navigate the town easily without a car by using these two options:


OSU offers a transit system called THE BUS that provides transportation around campus and throughout the community. This service is available to students for free and to non-students for a minimal fee. The Parking and Transit Services has more information on this service and its routes.


The following taxi services are available locally in Stillwater. They will provide services within Stillwater and to Tulsa/Oklahoma City. Please call in advance for a quote to your destination.

  • Anytime Taxi: Phone 405-743-8131
  • Cowboy Country Cab: Phone 405-372-8294
  • Roy’s Taxi: Phone 405-743-1700

What are the facilities for dependent children?

Several facilities are provided to help you manage dependent children.

Click here to find more information.

Visit Family Resource Center for more available resource in your neighborhood.