Oklahoma State University Host Mentor Program

Oklahoma State University

Host Mentor Program

                As a Stillwater resident, you have the opportunity to make new friendships and learn about a different culture by hosting an OSU International Reciprocal Exchange student. The procedure for making this happen is simple; the rewards are great.

Most international students leave family and friends behind and travel far to obtain higher education goals in the U.S. Reciprocal Exchange students come to OSU for 1 or 2 semesters and then return home. This program fulfills a requirement of their visa guidelines by exposing them to American culture. Since these students are here for such a short period of time, they need to more quickly integrate into the community to guarantee a rich, full experience. They are serious students whose families have made sacrifices for them. While classes are most important to them, many long for a connection to a warm, caring local family with whom they can occasionally spend a little time. Ex. Having dinner in your home, celebrating birthdays and holidays together, going to a sports even, getting ice cream cones at Braum’s, etc. Note that serving as a host family does NOT mean providing housing for a student.

If you are interested in this kind of relationship, please complete the following application online. Or you can make a hard copy and mail the completed form to the ISS office at OSU. The office staff will match your application with that of an international student. You both will then be invited to a get-acquainted event and orientation where you may plan together just how you will build your friendship.

We are pleased to facilitate this program but you and your student have total freedom to decide how often you want to meet. Some may choose monthly, but you are free to choose how frequently you want to meet.

On behalf of the dozens of student’s with whom we have had personal relationship, I thank you for opening your hearts and homes to a student or students from another country.


We will use the information from the host questionnaires to make appropriate matches between hosts and new international students. Information from your questionnaire (the more detail, the better) will be shared with your international student so that he/she will have an introduction to your mentor family. If we are unable to match you this year, we will notify you of future opportunities to become involved with our international students.

To be considered as a host, please submit your questionnaire as soon as possible and no later than September 1st ,2016. You may return it by e-mail to su-iss@okstate.edu , or you may fax it to the attention of ISS: 405-744-8120. If you have questions, please contact International Student & Scholar Services at su-iss@okstate.edu or 405-744-5459.

(Please identify one person as the primary contact even though other members of your family will also be involved.) 

Student & Family Orientation will be on 11 September, 2016. Placement of students to follow.

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