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International Students & Scholars
250 Student Union Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078 USA
Phone: 405-744-5459

ISS Manager

Tim Huff

Boss Admisnistrator of ISS office and Advisor to the International Student Organization.

International Student Specialist 

Ruojia (Brooke) Richardson


       Brooke is an Alternate Responsible Office (ARO) and Designated School Official (DSO) for the J-1 and F-1 scholars and students. She processes and advises visiting scholars and issues the DS-2019s. She also processes OPT STEM Extensions and requests for OPT.  

       Brooke completed her dual-bachelor of International Trade and Business Administration at Xi’an Shiyou University and Troy University.


Administrative Specialist 

sayaka isoda

Brad     Sayaka is the main point of contact for the J-1 scholars and students. She processes and advises visiting scholars, interns, and students. Before taking this position, she worked in the ISS as a graduate assistant for two years and helped governments’ sponsored students. Sayaka has both undergraduate and master’s degrees from Oklahoma State University.
Sayaka enjoys travelling, experiencing new cultures and cuisines, and spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys listening to Arabic music.


International Tax Coordinator

Trisha Chaparala Iyonsi

Trisha     Trisha is responsible for Work Permits for all international students, scholars, faculty and staff. Guidance is given for the completion of Forms W-4 and I-9. She also facilitates tax treaty exemptions. Other payments to our international community that might be taxable, such as scholarships and fellowships, honorariums, and royalties, must be also be evaluated and approved by her.
    Trisha has undergraduate degrees in Finance and English from Oklahoma State University and will graduate with a master’s degree in International Studies in May 2018. Her research focuses on educational issues related to the Indian diaspora. She joined the International Students and Scholars Office in 2009. She serves as the advisor to the Indian Student Association and facilitates the Indian Leadership Workshop Series. Trisha has presented at multiple NAFSA conferences and the OCSPA Conference on topics including immigration, microaggressions, and cultural programming. In her spare time, she enjoys attending OSU sporting events with her family. ISS in 2001. In her spare time, Trisha serves as the advisor for Golden Key International Honor Society and conducts tax workshops in the spring for international students and scholars.

Coordinator of Immigration

Regina Henry

Regina         Regina is the Primary Designated School Official (PDSO) and the Responsible Officer (RO) for the F1 and J1 students and scholars.  She coordinates the H-1b (temporary worker) and Permanent Resident applications for faculty and staff at the university.    
         Regina has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science/International Relations from OSU. She has close to 40 years of experience with immigration 

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Coordinator of Sponsored Students

Karen Sebring

Karen Karen has worked in the field of International Education and Exchange for nearly 25 years at Oklahoma State University.  She works exclusively with 300+ sponsored students and their Embassies and/or Agencies providing specialized services above and beyond that of regular university programming.  Karen serves as one of the immigration officers in the ISS Office for sponsored students on J and F visas.  Karen earned a BS in Marketing with a Minor in Management from Oklahoma State University and has served as the Coordinator of Sponsored Student Programs since 2006. Prior experience at OSU includes the Office of International Programs and the School of International Studies.    
Karen loves meeting new people.  Her favorite hobby is traveling with her family to experience new cultures and cuisines.  She also enjoys horses, country music and the outdoors. 


Manager of Chinese Development

Vivian Wang

Vivian     Vivian Wang is responsible for the university's program development with China. She is the point of contact for multiple Chinese partner universities, facilitates understanding and collaborations between OSU departments and Chinese partners. Vivian works closely with OSU current Chinese students and provides advisement for their success at OSU. Vivian also serves as Co-Advisor for Chinese Friendship Association.  

    She completed her bachelors of Arts degree in English Education at Shanghai Normal University in 2003 and Masters of Science in Educational leadership at Oklahoma State University in 2006. 


International Student Specialist 

Joel Pennie

Joel         Joel is a Designated School Official (DSO) for F-1 students and scholars. He advises all F-1 students and assists them their immigration, OPT and STEM Extension OPT questions. Joel also manages transfer students and concurrent enrollment. Joel has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oklahoma State University. He enjoys international travel, experiencing new cultures and cuisines and spending time with family and friends.  

        Joel completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree in World History at Oklahoma State in 2008. Before working at the International Students and Scholars Office, Joel worked as an admissions officer in the Graduate College at Oklahoma State. In his spare time, Joel enjoys cooking, reading, and video games. 


Accounting Specialist 

Jennifer Nixon

Jennifer         Jennifer is the Accounting Specialist for Sponsored Student Programs. She works with sponsored students to ensure that their sponsorship funds are correctly applied and help students comply with the policies and rules of their sponsorship programs.  

        Jennifer completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology at Oklahoma State in 2011. Then completed her Masters of Arts in Anthropology at University of Brighton in the UK in 2013. Before working at the International Students and Scholars Office, Jennifer worked as a Financial Assistant in the Student Union Administrate Services Office at Oklahoma State.