Invitation Letter Request

Currently enrolled OSU students can request invitation letters to invite their family/friends to US.

There are 2 types of Invitation Letters - 

1 - If you are graduating this semester, you can get an official graduation invitation letter signed/stamped by the ISS office. Required - Please file your Diploma application before you complete the invitation request below.

2 - If you are not graduating this semester, you can still get a general (unofficial) invitation letter without the official ISS stamp.

NOTE - These letters are only for IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS & Every student will be provided with a Single Letter. If you need separate letters you are more than welcome to make copies of the letter for sending it to your family members  

Letters can be collected on or after the Monday of week following the request. We will send you an email once the letters are ready to be picked up.

If you are requesting an official invitation letter, the ISS office will verify that you are graduating this semester and have filed your diploma application.
Example Format: (XXX)XXX-XXXX
* The Citizenship and Immigration Service (CIS) is proposing a change in the regulations for B2 visa holders. The B2 nonimmigrant visitor may stay in the United States for a maximum of 6 months. The burden of requesting for a length of stay as a B2 will be the responsibility of the visitor upon entry into the US. At the port of entry, the CIS officer will assign a 30-day limit unless evidence of the need for additional stay in the US is presented. It is important that your family members have an invitation letter and a specific schedule of their travel.
Visitor Information
(If applicable)
First and Last
First and Last
First and Last
First and Last
First and Last

NOTE: Please only enter visitor names and relationship if they are expected to attend.
             Add any extra visitors in the comment section in the same format.