H1B Lottery/Cap Gap Inquiry Request

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H1B Lottery/Cap Gap Inquiry Request


As a courtesy, the ISS staff is willing to review a student’s SEVIS record for evidence of the H-1b receipt or approval notice of the H-1b lottery. This could mean that the student is selected for the H-1b lottery but not necessarily approved. The ISS staff member can only confirm what is noted on the SEVIS record which is limited. Your H-1b sponsoring company will receive information from the lottery decision so the student/employee should contact the appropriate individual at the company.  The ISS will not provide immigration/legal counseling.  

The student will receive an email from the ISS staff member verifying whether the notation appears or not. The ISS office will only respond by email for these requests. We will not respond to phone requests. You may submit the online request only once per week. 


If the F-1 student is chosen for the H-1b lottery, there is a potential Cap Gap between April 1 and September 30. The length of the cap gap depends on the expiration of the OPT EAD card. For example, if the student’s EAD expires on June 15 and the H-1b approval begins on October 1 then the Cap Gap will go into effect June 15 through September 30. The Cap Gap allows the student to continue working until September 30. If the OPT EAD card does not expire prior to September 30 then Cap Gap will not be necessary in this scenario. It is possible that the student will need an I-20 with the Cap Gap notation for a driver’s licenses renewal. The ISS will be happy to issue the Cap Gap I20; however, the student will need to request an eship for mailing. Fees apply.