General Employment and Tax Information

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Employment opportunities for international students are limited by Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) and are available only to students who have maintained their immigration status and academic standing. International students at OSU must receive proper approval from ISS before beginning any type of work.

On Campus Working

  • Part-Time student employee

Post Degree Working

  • OPT
  • Internship (CPT option may also be available upon completion of degree)



Everyone who works at OSU must pay federal and state income taxes. OSU is required to withhold income taxes from your paycheck. After the end of the year, you must complete annual tax forms, which for some students will result in a refund of some of the tax that was withheld. These forms are due by April 15 each year. Workshops for international students are available each Spring to help with this process. Check the ISS electronic newsletter beginning in January for more information.

Students from certain countries may be able to reduce their tax liability through the benefits of an income tax treaty between the U.S. and their country. IF you qualify for treaty benefits, remember that you must sign a form each year. Check with the ISS office for assistance with tax treaty benefits.

Linda Dunbar, our International Tax Coordinator, is available to offer assistance in understanding your tax obligations and to assist you with claiming tax treaty benefits.


Everyone who works in the U.S. must obtain a Social Security Number (SSN). This is a government issued number. The ISS Office helps to facilitate the process, but we do not issue the number. The application process will be explained fully during orientation. You must have a job before you apply for a SSN. You must also report to the ISS office and have your I-20 registered in SEVIS.

Employer SSN Letter Template (This must be printed on letterhead)

Social Security Card Application

Note: The SSN letter should be completed by the hiring department and printed on letterhead.